Structural Material planning and Civil MTO measurement

Structural Material planning and Civil MTO measurement

STRUCTMAN is the software solution for managing STRUCTURAL activities on construction site. All activities related to fabrication of structural assemblies like FITUP, Welding, NDT, Painting, Structure History, Transportation, Storage in Lay down till Dispatch for erection site is managed efficiently through various inbuilt modules like ENGINEERING MATERIAL CONTROL & PLANNING, PRODUCTION, WELDING, NDT, PAINTING, LAYDOWN & DISPATCH.

CIVILMAN is the solution for managing civil construction activities on the site. All activities related to Construction of civil structures like Earthwork, Piling, Concreting, masonry and plastering, Flooring, Waterproofing, Doors/windows, Painting & other Misc works are managed through this solution.


STRUCTMAN  is used to Track, Monitor, Control, Analyze and Report Structural Steel progress at different stages like Tendering, MTO, Ordering, Manufacturing, Assembly, Erection, Variance, Reconciliation, etc.
Structural Assemblies are approved at engineering release level & released for fabrication after checking the joints, BOM, NDT & SR requirement, Painting, etc. Assembly drawings are released for fabrication through Documented Transmittal with Assembly wise tonnage & scheduled completion date for fabrication.



  •  Intelligent way of Coding of all Structural Steel Items
  • The software has Facility / Provision to upload Tender, MTO and AFC Qty. for Structural Steel items.
  • Engineering MTO Analysis w.r.t Tender as well as AFC Qty. (Approved for Construction) at item level.
  • Generation of Summarized Report in Tabular Form for comparison of Tender, MTO & AFC Qty.
  • Generation of Variance Statement for Management Approval to manage the Contracts as per terms and conditions. It will also help in updation of Estimated Budget, Budget Forecast, and Cost Control.
  • Facility to upload Structural Master Data with break-up details like WBS number, Unit No., GA Drg. No., Fabrication Drg. No., Assembly No., No. of Assemblies, Weight of Assembly and so on.


Provision to define Procurement activities like;

  • MR
  • RFQ
  • Bid Receipt
  • Evaluation
  • Recommendation
  • Order Placement
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Manufacturing & Delivery


Provision to define Structural Fabrication and Assembly activities like;

  • Sub-ordering of Materials (if applicable)
  • Receipt of Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Despatch and Receipt at Site


Provision to define Structural Erection activities like;

  • IRN (inspection release note for Assemblies fabricated by Fabrication Contractor)
  • Material Shipped / Dispatched from Structural Fabrication Contractor
  • Material Received at Site (receipt of fabricated Assemblies at site)
  • Material Issued (issuance of fabricated Assemblies to Erection Contractor)
  • Erection of Assemblies
  • Alignment, Grouting & Bolting
  • Fire Proofing
  • Painting
  • QC final clearance etc.


  •  Progress monitoring on Quantitative / Efforts (Man-hour) / Cost basis
  • Activity-wise Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Progress Reporting
  • Reporting at different levels like WBS, Unit and Complex levels, with activity-wise breakups with Trends / Profiles
  • Calculation of %age Progress for each phase with Forecast / Curves
  • Generation of reports in .xlsx, pdf,.txt formats for ease of customizing



Latest RFID / Barcode Technology can be used for Tracking and Progress Monitoring at various stages like;

  • Receipt of Fabricated Assemblies at Sites
  • Allocate Storage Space to Assemblies and identify Location
  • Issuance of Fabricated Assemblies to Erection Contractor
  • Erection Progress etc.

Output reports :

  • Fitup report
  • Welding report
  • NDT report (RT,UT,DPT,MPT)
  • Structure history sheet
  • Painting
  • Laydown report
  • Dispatch report
  • Progress review report
  • Welder performance report


CIVILMAN is the solution for managing civil construction activities on the site. All activities related to Construction of civil structures like Earthwork, Piling, Concreting, masonry and plastering, Flooring, Waterproofing, Doors/windows, Painting & other Misc works are managed through this solution. Main Civil structures are logically divided into structural items like Foundations, Pedestal, Columns, Beams, Slabs, Walls, Floor & Ceiling etc. with reference number, Grid location, Elevation positions etc. Status of Civil construction activities are recorded as per daily progress in Construction site in the system.Stage wise progress of individual civil structural items (foundation, columns etc.) are recorded & monitored for opening the front/scope of next level of activity.

Output reports :

  • Monitoring the status of activity completion for civil structural items
  • Creation of reports for activity completion of civil structural items
  • Generation of List of activities completed for Main Civil structure
  • Generation of List of activity pending for completing Main Civil structure
  • Reports of activity Schedule data & actual completion date
    Reports of estimated quantum & actual quantum of work as per data of  construction completion

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