EPC Asset Management and Inventory Management

EPC Asset Management

TRACK N TRACING App is an EPC Asset Management solution, which can help EPC companies to maintain the records of inventory. In Oil and Gas industry spools and erection components used for fabrication and erection of spools. TRACK N TRACING EPC Asset Management uses RFID, Bar-code & QR Code technologies with the best RFID, Bar-code readers integrated with the TRACK N TRACING mobile app.

RFID Based Location Tracking

  • Generate RFID TAG ID for each spool data.
  • Attach the RFID TAG on the spool.
  • Store the spool at desired lay down area.
  • Go at the laydown area(having spool ) with handheld RFID Reader. ( Range up to 4 to 15 meters).
  • Scan that hard RFID tag applied on assets by the reader.
  • Write the location information.
  • Spoolman will update that information of assets to a system.
  • You can find assets location by the system after login.
  • If assets relocate, then apply same above mention procedure again.



RFID Configuration

RFID Based Location tracking


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